Abuja Residents Experiencing Earthquake-like Movement Of The Earth

The residents of Abuja have put out a distress call to the FCT Emergency Management Agency as a result of experiencing terrible earth shakings happening around Mpape, Maitama district and some other areas that started since on Wednesday, 5th September 2018 and have been getting terrible.

Why The Nigerian Government Does Not Want Nigeria To Progress

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A country that has never passed through civil war, terrorism, disaster, plagues etc, that country hardly completes the process of development. Countries like America, Germany, China, Japan, Israel Vietnam, Korea, Russia, are countries which development took place after their civil wars, but yet Nigeria has moved backward from development.

The Igbo Man And Nigeria; How It Feels To Be Igbo In Nigeria

Ifeajuna was the only core Igbo man that played a major role in the 1966 coup, there was also Nzeogwu from Niger Delta, 4 Yorubas, two Northerners, one Tiv, one Esean and yet it was called an "Igbo coup" and the North has yet to "forgive" us for that. The Yorubas who had more representation amongst the coupist also joined to propagate that misleading information.

The Clouds Of War Are Gathering With Blood Sucking Gods That Follow The Perching Of Vultures

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Someone wrote:

The clouds of war are gathering with blood sucking gods that follow the perching of vultures.
Vultures from Europe, vultures from England, vultures from Asia, yes, 
vultures from America that deal on arms.

(Interview) The Fulani Have Enslaved Nigeria - Chief Tola Adeniyi

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Veteran journalist, columnist and administrator, Chief Adetola Adeniyi
says that restructuring Nigeria is inevitable as it must be achieved
either intellectually or by the use of force.

Memo To All Slay Queens; Bold & Beautiful Salon & Beauty Centre

Bold & Beautiful Salon & Beauty Centre is an exquisite beauty centre with state of the art equipment and over 70 dedicated workers, trained to perfection and tailored to suit your needs. We deal with hairstyling, nails, makeups, braids, spa and fashion, combining the savor of all beauties under one roof.

Here's another dimension of Naija for you! What Nigerian Youths Have Evolved To

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Social parties and merry-making for money-rituals?
*Too Incredible to believe but too scary to ignore!!

Donald Trump's Full Speech On Why He Hates Africans & Arabs.

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We are not obliged, even for a second, to try to prove to anybody and especially to blacks and Arabs that we are superior people - we have demonstrated that to the black and Arabs in 1001 ways.

Who Is Actually Robbing God?..

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BOWEN UNIVERSITY N650,000 per semester

COVENANT UNIVERSITY N640,000 per semester

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Picture Of The Day: This Story Shows That A Woman Is Full Of Love And Sacrifice

After looking at this photograph you might be getting lots of Negative or Positive thought in mind, but after knowing the reality of this photograph you might get tears in your eyes.


EFCC Recovered N2.4 Billion, $115 Million, 12 Properties, Cars From Ex-Air Force Chief Amosu - Witness

A prosecution witness, Tosin Owobo, an investigator with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Tuesday told Justice M.B. Idris of the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos that N2.4 billion, $115 million, 12 properties and bullet-proof cars were recovered from a former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adeola Amosu(retd.).

Meet The Mysterious Tribe Where Women Lead The Family And Men Wear Veils

Equality: The women of Tuareg are respected members of the society, who own the homes and the animals

For centuries the nomadic Tuareg tribe in Africa have crossed the Sahara desert, sometimes being led by the blind who used their heightened sense of smell and taste to pick a safe path across the ever-shifting sands.


Facebook Will Probably Not Be Helping With Nigeria’s 2019 Elections After All

These days, having Facebook and national elections in the same sentence inspires more questions than confidence.

The Story Of How Nigeria’s Census Figures Became Weaponized


The story of Nigeria’s 1962 census never gets old. Southern politicians seeking to end the north’s dominance of Nigerian politics decided that the only way to do it was through the census. Population figures at the time determined not only parliamentary representation but also revenue allocation and employee distribution in the civil service. In May 1962, the first census under an independent Nigerian government began. There had been a frenzy of mobilization by politicians in the south of the country using pamphlets, radio, schools, churches and mosques.

Alert On Fake Manipulation Of Images On The Internet: Be On The Watch..Your wife is having Sex!


*Your wife is having Sex!* 

And you caught her red handed on tape!!!

Hold on, check again before you "kill" the poor woman. 
There is a simple way to manipulate pornographic videos now by replacing the original actress' face with your wife's. 
The thing is happening in Nigeria now and available on the internet. 
It is known as *"Deepfakes"*



By Akogun Tola Adeniyi

We should not forget the import of the moment, the auspicious pedestal on which this was said, the veracity of the facts as stated and the potency of the words used.

Check Out This Cheap Plastic Film If Pasted Round Your Walls, Can Cool Your Room Up To 10°C You Don’t Need ACs Anymore

Plastic Film that cools room temperature to 10°C
If heat is not your thing, rejoice: A thin plastic sheet may soon provide some relief from the intense summer sun. The film, made from transparent plastic embedded with tiny glass spheres, absorbs almost no visible light, yet pulls in heat from any surface it touches. Already, the new material, when combined with a mirror like silver film, has been shown to cool whatever it sits on by as much as 10°C. 

Shocking Video!! See What A Fulani Northern Muslim Said And Still Walk Free On The Street

A video that has been kept away from the media surfaced online last week. In the video a man named Sheik Abubakar Giro Argungu, Sawtul Hikmah, was seen addressing his followers in hausa language, seemed to be preparing for war.

Before You Surrender Your Guns To The Government Consider This; It Can Be A Well-Organized Ethnic Cleansing And Genocide By Herdsmen Going On


By Mark Anthony Ibekwe


Video:Dapchi Community In Yobe State Give Boko Haram Heroic Welcome As They Return Abducted School Girls


Nigerian Islamist militant group, Boko Haram today returned 105 girls kidnapped from a high school compound in Dapchi a few weeks ago. Sources tell Saharareporters that the militant group came with the girls in 9 vehicles same way they took them away.

My Life Is Being Threatened By Pastors -Daddy Freeze Cries Out


Speaking on the tithe issue, daddy freeze claims his life has been threatened by some Pastors.
The opposition against the antics of Daddy Freeze by Nigerian pastors has continued to gather momentum, with a ‘man of God’ issuing a death threat to him on social media.

The Benins Were The First Educated Nigerians -Dr Samuel Okafor


 Dr. Samuel Okafor, the Igbo scholar In an article made available to News Express yesterday, Okafor responds to critics of his claims and sets the records straight on great Nigerians, mainly of the past, from various parts of the country. He also explains his motive and suggests the way forward in Igbo-Yoruba relations. Please read on:

The Turkey-Ecowas Economic and Business Forum 2018 Event Date 22nd - 23rd Feb

The theme for the year 2018 Turkey-Ecowas Economic and Business Forum, “Investing For A Sustainable Future” is aimed at Deepening Economic Partnership between Turkey and ECOWAS Members.

Wipeout Tour Nigeria Sport Event Flagging Off Soon In June 2018 At Abuja National Stadium

Wipeout Tour Nigeria has been described as a movement In sport a talent hunt to give back to the community, a platform to promote sports and it's aimed primarily at infiltrating our swimming skills and promoting or aspects of sports in general, first of its kind in Africa.

Founder Of Idoma International Carnival Dr Edwin Ochai's Gratitude Message To Idoma Nation

Dr. Edwin Ochai

The organizer and founder of Idoma International Carnival formally named Agila Carnival, Dr. Edwin Ochai a native of Idoma offers gratitude to people of Idoma and everyone that contributed to the success of the 2017 Idoma International Carnival. He also encouraged the people of Idoma in diaspora to return home every December to help move their land forward. In his Message;

We Will Not Go With The Core Muslim North, The Coalition Of Middle Belt Youth Agitating For A Sovereign Nation Called Republic Of Middle Belt

A youth group in Middle Belt of Nigeria known as "The Coalition Of Middle Belt Youth" advocating and agitating for a sovereign Nation. " Republic Of Middle Belt"

Biafra Can Never Submit To The Slavery And Fright Of Loosing Their Investment To The Northerners

By Mazi Uju Nwokorobia

On the 11th February 1961, Nigeria conducted a REFERENDUM for Southern Camerounians on whether to fuse with Nigeria or merge with francophone part of Cameroun.
This referendum resulted to peaceful secession of then NCNC controlled Anglophone Cameroun from Nigeria--In other words, they voted to leave Nigeria

Danger! Igbos Quickly React To The 3Months Eviction Ultimatum Issued By Northern Youth

The Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign States of Biafra (MASSOB) has urged Igbos living in the northern part of the country to start returning home following the quit notice issued to all the Igbos in the region is by the Coalition of Northern Youths (CNY). NAIJ.com recalls that the CNY in a statement on Tuesday, June 6, in Kaduna, issued a

May 30th And The Offensive Sobriquet "Nyamiri". The Ethnic Igbo Cleansing That Has Been Planned Long Before

Aguiyi Ironsi had just been killed in Ibadan by a horde of blood thirst officers led by one Theophilus Danjuma....  The Northern military had ceased most barracks in the country and were performing the ethnic Igbo cleansing that had been planned all along....

The Republic Of Biafra, Was Proclaimed 50 Years Ago, Lives And Will Always Live!

“Fellow countrymen and women, you, the people of Eastern Nigeria: Conscious of the supreme authority of Almighty God over all mankind, of your duty to yourselves and posterity;

Danger Might Be Lurking Around If Biafra Is Not Freed! See Proof

Over two years Mr. Nnamdi Kanu was detained by President Buhari, before his release he signed an agreement with with the court not to be seen in the midst of at least ten persons or addressing any form of crowd.

The 1976 Coup That Assassinated Head of State, Gen. Murtala Muhammed

When Lt. Col. Bukar Dimka of the Nigeria Army Physical Training Corps stepped out of his official residence on Macpherson Road, Ikoyi, in the early hours of February 13, 1976, he had one agenda in mind; the killing of the then Head of State, Gen. Murtala Muhammed.